1 was a collaborative of international surgeons to study the outcomes of pancreatic surgery.  

The goal of 1 was to help improve the practice of pancreatic surgery by sharing of research and innovation.  

The " Snapshot" study aimed at identifying the true morbidity and mortality after pancreatic surgery as well as modifiable predicting factors of outcome. 

The first results of 1 were presented initially at IHPBA 2022 in New York and is published in the British Journal of Surgery. These showed among others a high mortality and failure to rescue rate is certain regions. 

The 2 project is now developed to address these factors of failure to rescue. A kick-off meeting was held at the E-AHPBA 2023 in Lyon Conference with over 100 participants from around the world participating. Furthermore, the 2 collaborative aims to provide support to local communities through various strategies and methodologies. 


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The Team

Our first collaborative snapshot study on clinical outcomes in pancreatic surgery was a success and the results were recently published in the British Journal of Surgery (BJS) Group authorship indexing in PubMed is still pending. BJS Manuscript