• The 2 project was developed to address high failure to rescue rates in certain regions. 
  • A kick-off meeting was held at the E-AHPBA 2023 in Lyon Conference with over 100 participants from around the world. 
  • 2 aims to identify factors causing high mortality and failure to rescue rates and provide support to local communities.
  • Survey opened on 15 December 2023 & closes on 29 February 2024.

In 1, the largest global collaborative trial on factors related to short-term outcomes in pancreatic surgery recently published in BJS, significant variations in failure-to-rescue (FTR) rates were shown between countries of low or middle versus high and very high human development index (HDI) countries. FTR has become an important metric of surgical outcome, patient safety and hospital quality, and is defined as death after development of a major complication.

The follow-up study 2 aims to investigate aspects related to FTR globally, and specifically to understand the importance of factors affecting FTR on a hospital level. Thus far, aspects reported to affect FTR are mainly patient or tumor-specific or related to hospital volume. Potentially modifiable aspects on a hospital and institutional level however are poorly investigated, and their understanding might contribute significantly to reducing FTR rates after pancreatic surgery.

To this end, a global survey is conducted among experts in pancreatic surgery across countries of all HDI levels, followed by the development of a prediction model on factors affecting FTR using data from 1 and 2. Insights will be crucial for addressing hospital and resource specific areas of improvement worldwide, and establishing international collaborations to enhance patient care in pancreatic surgery and advancing safety standards across the globe. 

By participating in the survey, you will automatically become a member of the collaborative. All collaborators will be PubMed cited in the main publication as well as in any future spin-off studies. 

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